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  A view from the farm with Marco Vegezzi, Italian mixed farmer   A view from the lab with Chiara Gnoffo
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A view from the field with Roberta, an agronomist in Italy    


How do microplastics affect food safety? In this video, MINAGRS partner Dr Huerta Lwanga of Wageningen University and Research discusses the issue of plastic use in agriculture (fertilizer, compost, mulch, sludge etc.). Microplastics in soil affect soil life and crop growth; these plastic particles can additionally migrate through the soil food chain and eventually into the crops. Huerta Lwanga’s work has found that soil diversity and soil ecosystem services change due to the presence of microplastics. So, what does this mean for the environment and food safety? Watch this video to find out. 


This video, filmed by Marina Pintar whilst on holiday in Croatia, shows an ant colony carrying plastic debris across an agricultural field. MINAGRIS will strive to assess the environmental implications of having these plastics present in soils across Europe. Watch this video to find out.