• Task 8.1 Development of a project website, visual identity and intranet portal for information

    Task leader: WU | Participant(s): UoG, EQY | Timing: M1-M6

    We will establish a project website to a) communicate information about the project aims and news (newsworthy facts and a bi-annual newsletter) b) to act as a platform for disseminating information developed within the project, deliverables and other outputs. It will be designed to suit all relevant audiences including researchers, policy makers, stakeholders and general public. We will also set up and maintain a secure intranet section which will be accessible only by the partners and restricted users. This will facilitate protected dissemination of information (e.g., scientific data, announcements and registration for meetings and workshops, management plan, meeting agendas/minutes, tools for writing and/or downloading project reports, training materials).