Project progress monitoring:

Monitoring of progress will be established via a hierarchy of methods. Day-to-day progress within WPs will be the responsibility of WPLs. On a bi-annual basis, internal progress reports will be generated by each WPL and an overall report compiled by the TPM and will be reviewed at PMB level.

Annual WP action plans will be produced at the start of each year, defining the work in details, which will aid better progress monitoring and assessment of objectives achievement. The major milestones of this project are list below.

Milestone No. Milestone title    WP
  Lead Participant   Due date
MS2 HLMAN established   WP2   UBERN   Dec-2021
MS17 H – POPD Requirement No.1   WP9   WU   Dec-2021
MS4 First picture of (un)intentional plastic uses   WP3   FIBL-CH   May-2022
MS13 Questionnaires for data collection available   WP7   FIBL-AT   May-2022
MS15 D&C strategy available   WP8   UOG   May-2022
MS3 Database structure ready for data storage   WP2   UBERN   Sep-2022
MS5 Practices Groups implemented   WP3   FIBL-CH   Mar-2023
MS1 Mid-term review meeting   WP1   WU   Sep-2023
MS11 13C-labelled MP introduced in soil degradation experiments   WP6   UCSC   Sep-2023
MS16 Preliminary E&S plan validated   WP8   UOG   Jan-2024

Functional microbial endpoint values and diversity data derived

from pot and soil microcosms are gathered

  WP4   UTH   Sep-2024
MS9 Parameterization of model for transport of MNP   WP5   UL   Sep-2024
MS10 NP extraction method from plants   WP5   UL   Sep-2024
MS12 First isolates with potential plasticdegrading capacities isolated   WP6   UCSC   Sep-2024
MS7 Diversity indices and toxicity endpoints for soil fauna from soil
microcosms to pot experiments
  WP4   UTH   Jan-2025
MS8 Diversity data from all trophic levels of the soil food web gathered
and analysed
  WP4   UTH   Sep-2025
MS14 Decision Support Tool available   WP7   FIBL-AT   Sep-2025