MINAGRIS has 11 case study sites across Europe, spanning 6 main biogeographical regions (see map below).  At least 10 farms within each case study are involved in the project, many of which rely on plastic for producing food. Each of these agricultural land managers are providing their expertise and experience through interviews and allowing us to access their fields for sampling and validation experiments. 

Relevant stakeholders from the local, regional, and national levels of each case study, including farmers, farmers groups, farming advisors, suppliers including plastic manufacturers, scientists, local and regional authorities, and national policymakers have also been invited to participate.

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Overview of the MINAGRIS case study sites. 


CSS No. Biogeo. Region Country  Main crops Plastic use and type Compost/Sludge application Vet. Drugs/ Pesticides
1 Alpine(1) Slovenia Cereals, vegetables, potatoes Plastic mulch
(LDPE and biodegrabable)
Organic fertilizers and compost Pesticides
2 Atlantic Netherlands Cereals (corns), vegetables Plastic mulch (LDPE) Compost Pesticides
3 Atlantic UK  Vegetables (carrots) Plastic mulch
(LDPE and biodegradable)
Compost --
4 Boreal Estonia Cereals Plastic mulch (LDPE),
Tyre wear
Compost --
5 Continental Switzerland Orchards, cereals Plastic mulch (LDPE),
Tyre wear, silage balls
Compost Drugs found in water & pesticides
6 Pannonian Continental Austria Vegetables, cereals and potatoes Plastic mulch Compost --
7(a) Humid subtropical Italy (a) Vegetables and cereals (biogas maize) Drip irrigation tubes,
plastic mulch (PVC, biodegradable & photodegradable)
Compost (biowaste, farmyard,
energy crops digestate and sewage sludge)
7(b) Temperate subcontinental Italy (b) Vegetables
8 Mediterranean Greece Vegetables, olive trees, grapes Greenhouse cover,
mulch, tyre wire
Compost Pesticides
9 Pannonian AT (AGES-AT) Cereals, rape, vegetables Plastic mulch
(LDPE and biodegradable)
Compost --
10 Semiarid Spain  Vegetables Plastic mulch -- --
11 Continental(2) France Vines Stakes and strings -- Pesticides

(1)Alpine (North, West), continental (central part), sub-Pannonian (South, East);

(2)Mediterranean and Oceanic influences.