We were very pleased to share an overview of the MINAGRIS project at the recent World Congress of Soil Science, with an audience of around 300. The presentation was given by Dr Charlotte Chivers, who is part of our dissemination and exploitation team. Download the slides here

The presentation began with an overview of how plastics are used in agriculture, also covered in our recent blog article. We then presented some initial findings surrounding existing research into how plastics may affect soil health before introducing the goals of the MINAGRIS project itself. We explained that we are currently midway through our first sampling campaign, which involves collecting soil samples for micro- and nano-plastic analysis alongside macroplastics. 

minagris sampling

We also shared some preliminary findings from our examination of the advice and information available surrounding agricultural plastics. We have found that across Europe, there is a notable lack of advice and information, in particular relating to ways of reusing and recycling plastics and potential alternatives. 

We closed the presentation by giving delegates the chance to get involved in the project through joining our stakeholder forum, jointly arranged with the Papillons project. Please get in touch if you would like to join our next event!