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Our very own Esperanza Huerta Lwanga presented in a recent webinar on the effects of #microplastics on human #health!

Watch it here:

The webinar covers:
- What microplastics are and why we should care. 
- Effects of Microplastics on Human Health
- How to mitigate and control the negative effects on microplastics on our personal #health & #environment.

On 28th March 2022, we held a joint stakeholder forum workshop with high-level stakeholders.

Both MINAGRIS and Papillons are aiming to establish an inventory of the uses of agricultural plastics (AP) in Europe, explore the effects of AP on soil quality (soil biota, soil structure), and study fate, fragmentation, microbial colonisation and decay of AP in soil. They will both conduct a sustainability performance assessment of AP use in comparison to alternative techniques, as well as carry out large scale dissemination of results and involvement of end-users. The stakeholder forum with Papillons was formed due to our similar aims. This forum allows both projects to engage with our key stakeholders in an effective way, thus maximising engagement and ensuring we reach a wide diversity of audiences.

During the event, speakers shared initial findings from both projects and began discussions with participants, with a focus on the advice and information available surrounding agricultural plastic use.

Screenshot 2022 02 16 082253A new publication in Agricultural Systems, including several authors from the MINAGRIS team, has found that there is high contamination of microplastics, and there are different sources and concentrations which vary according to the type of land- management. It is, therefore, important to understand the different processes which take place in microplastics dispersion in the agricultural systems.

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Lwanga et al 2022 Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture    



Lwanga, E.H., Beriot, N., Corradini, F., Silva, V., Yang, X., Baartman, J., Rezaei, M., van Schaik, L., Riksen, M., Geissen, V., 2022. Review of microplastic sources, transport pathways and correlations with other soil stressors: a journey from agricultural sites into the environment. Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture 9. DOI:


How do microplastics affect food safety? In this video, MINAGRS partner Dr Huerta Lwanga of Wageningen University and Research discusses the issue of plastic use in agriculture (fertilizer, compost, mulch, sludge etc.). Microplastics in soil affect soil life and crop growth; these plastic particles can additionally migrate through the soil food chain and eventually into the crops. Huerta Lwanga’s work has found that soil diversity and soil ecosystem services change due to the presence of microplastics. So, what does this mean for the environment and food safety? Watch this video to find out.